The Team


Marcela Cid is the managing director of La Maison d’Entraide. Originally from Chile, Marcela is a sociologist with a passion for community-based work. She holds a degree in sociology from the University of Chile, and has also undertaken a Masters in psychoeducation at the University of Montreal, in addition to having skills in management, planning and human resources. Marcela is specialized in the development of social projects and social research in Chile and Canada. She previously was project coordinator for children and youth in the municipality of Santiago, and director of Les Scientifines, a Montreal-based NGO. Marcela has, for a long time, cultivated her interest in nutrition and cooking. More recently, this professional experience with food security issues has confirmed her desire to work in this field.


Annie Jacob is the administrative assistant at La Maison d’Entraide. Holding a diploma as accounting technician from Collège André-Laurendeau in Lasalle, she has gained in-depth knowledge to ensure the accounting and administration at La Maison d’Entraide. As treasurer for the Coopérative Les Troubadours de Verdun, and having volunteered at La Maison du Père, Annie has strong experience in the community sector, and have found her place at La Maison d’Entraide, a welcoming space for community members.

Marie-Claude Lemire is a community animator in food security at La Maison d’Entraide. She holds a diploma in nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, where she acquired knowledge in health and personal well-being. With the Fruixi project, Marie-Claude has had the opportunity to work with the residents of the Rosemont neighbourhood in developing awareness for healthy eating. She has also facilitated healthy cooking workshop in the community. With her passion for healthy food, she inspires people to eat well by making cooking simple, tasty and financially accessible. Marie-Claude is concerned with the consequences of our dietary practices both at the social and environmental levels, in addition to the link with public health. Her contagious enthusiasm will undoubtedly motivate community members to improve food security in the neighbourhood.

Estelle Lefebvre-Millette is a community organizer in food security at La Maison d’Entraide. She recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in social work, with a specialization in Immigration and Interethnic Relations, and has completed internships in India and Bolivia. She has worked in various feminist and intercultural community-based organizations in Montreal. Her passion for cooking and exotic flavours has led her to work for over 7 years in the food and restaurant industry. Estelle is continuously motivated by the need for community and individual empowerment through workshops and services that strengthen food autonomy and dignity.

Julia Couture-Glassco is a community organizer in food security at La Maison d’Entraide. After having completed her Bachelor’s degree in international development, Julia is currently doing a graduate diploma in community economic development, in addition to participating in an internship placement in urban agriculture. Her various experiences of work and volunteering abroad (Kenya, Bolivia, Mongolia) have helped her develop a strong passion for community-based work. Julia loves cooking and gardening, and wishes to combine her interests in food security, urban agriculture and social development in her work at La Maison d’Entraide.