Activities in partnership

Like every year, the Maison d’Entraide collaborates with various organizations in the neighborhood with the aim of improving the food security of our community at different levels.

Station Familles

The ME provides basic necessities for babies to the Station Familles organization, which then redistributes them to its members.

YMCA compensatory work

In partnership with the YMCA, the Maison d’Entraide offers an opportunity to people with hours of compensatory work to do. The YMCA manages the administrative aspects such as registration and follow-up of participants, as well as referrals to other organizations. For our part, we integrate people from this program in order to contribute in particular to the maintenance of the Maison d’Entraide.

RESO volunteers

For another consecutive year, the RESO is directing us to participants engaged in professional orientation or job search processes, and who wish to invest themselves in a positive way in the community.